Please join MIT and King’s College London as we engage entrepreneurs, academics, healthcare professionals and policymakers from around the world in an all-day summit about Building Sustainable Healthcare Systems through Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  

The goals of this event are practical and action-oriented: finding new ways to implement sustainable, scalable and quality global healthcare solutions through the lens of innovation and entrepreneurship, while supporting and shaping the conditions necessary for entrepreneurs and innovators to maximize their impact.

Innovators and entrepreneurs around the world are challenging what is possible in global health. Benefiting, at times, from the lack of legacy infrastructure and norms, we are seeing some fascinating on-the-ground solutions that are leapfrogging and changing local healthcare systems, especially in emerging economies. From AI-driven diagnostics and inclusive wearable tech to transformations in emergency response and chronic care, change agents are implementing innovative high-tech, low-tech and business solutions and having a sustainable impact on the health and wellbeing of communities across the globe.

There is a great deal we can learn from change agents at home and abroad. This collaborative MIT-Kings summit is a tremendous opportunity to showcase the ways in which innovators and entrepreneurs can champion sustainable, scalable and quality solutions to critical global health challenges while understanding the partnerships and underlying system that makes progress possible. We will hear directly from the frontlines the opportunities and challenges that today’s innovators and entrepreneurs face, especially in the context of LAMIC and examine how each of us can leverage our strengths and work together to maximize impact on the ground.

MIT and King’s College London are committed to having a global and inclusive conversation.   We will engage a range of distinctive voices from different geographies and different professions, from Mexico, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Costa Rica and Singapore; from newly formed teams and successful CEOs, NGOs, investors, policymakers, academics and healthcare professionals. Throughout the day we will learn from and act on the perspectives and insights of those participating in, and contributing to, building impactful global healthcare systems through innovation and entrepreneurship.  Together, we can strengthen innovation ecosystems and better equip the next frontline generation to innovate, collaborate and improve healthcare systems at home and abroad.

Critical questions:

Opportunities and Challenges in Global Health: What is global health? Why do we care about systems? What global healthcare challenges require innovative, scalable and sustainable approaches and therefore require the attention of innovators and entrepreneurs? How can we create sustainable global health systems through innovation and entrepreneurship?

Global Prosperity through Innovation & Entrepreneurship: What role can innovators and entrepreneurs play in overcoming global health challenges and creating a safer, healthier, more prosperous world?

Ecosystem Toolkit/ Action: What innovative and entrepreneurial methods, approaches and tools (including high-tech, low-tech and business solutions) have been/ are being used to reach sustainability, scale, and quality in the context of global health?

Mutual Benefit: What can we learn from healthcare entrepreneurs and innovators (especially approaches that have been adopted or invented in LAMIC) to tackle grand challenges in healthcare and improve global healthcare  systems at home and abroad?

Partnerships for Progress: How can we work together to support and shape the conditions for healthcare innovators and entrepreneurs? What partnerships can we build at home and abroad to help healthcare entrepreneurs and innovators succeed in building sustainable healthcare systems?